Antonia Celina, product manager

Bagajele abandonului

I knew the war would start. Just before, my little daughter Ester and I had COVID. I was fine, Ester, however, had tracheitis with obstructive cough. So, we ended up spending two weeks at home. On 23 February 2022 I went to the doctor. No matter what I knew, I had to keep calm to keep my child safe, to maintain her psychological health, which is the most severely challenged in critical situations. That’s why, after the doctor’s visit, we stopped to buy watercolours, boards, modelling clay… To make up for what she couldn’t do while she was sick. This is the reason why the picture from the last day of peace is a playful one.

I cleaned her room, put away her toys and helped her get ready for school the next day. 24 February 2022.

Then I went through all our documents, medication, suitcases and packed everything we needed. I packed in a hurry, not knowing exactly what was going to happen and how quickly.

We had a bath, we played, I ordered sushi for her and her favourite sweets. I took melatonin to fall asleep faster, to meet sooner the new, unknown life.

That was the last day of our peaceful and beautiful life that lies in the past.

The past cannot be brought back. I miss it sometimes, even though I have to start my life over, to reset it somehow. Those who bomb us do not have the right to take our lives, our children’s childhood, so we MUST live, survive, educate our children, make the most of a tragedy in order to have enough strength to rebuild Ukraine.

We hope to succeed. We hope for peace. We hope that life will win.


P.S. I would like to take every opportunity to thank Romania for welcoming us in the best possible way ❤️

Story collected by Ionuț Sociu for the Suitcases of Abandonment campaign. Project funded by CARE through SERA Romania, Care France and FONPC.