Olga Grebennik – Ukrainian illustrator

The suitcases of abandonment

On 19 February 2022 I was supposed to take Fedya to gymnastics, but I caught a cold, so his dad took him.

I remember that day well.

I took the dog out for a walk and the legs took me to my grandma’s house. It was slippery, I wasn’t feeling very well, but I got there somehow.

When I arrived, everyone asked me:

– Oh! Didn’t you catch a cold? Why did you come?

– I wanted to hug you.

I had a cup of tea, my dog cheered everyone up, then I hugged everyone and left.

The sun came out, and we walked the long way back home.

An unexplainable feeling of happiness filled me afterwards.

Almost a year passed.

How could I have known then that it was the last time I would hug my grandfather…

Grandpa ❤