I Packed Up and Left for His Sake

I Packed Up and Left for His Sake

I left Odessa for my little boy, and it was the hardest decision I have ever made. I never imagined I’d have to leave the home I worked so much for, leave everything behind and come to a foreign country. I couldn’t even imagine I’d be capable of doing that.

I arrived in Romania in March with my son, who is three, and my sister and little nephew. At first we all lived together, now we have rented separate places, but continue to support each other with anything we need.

The hardest part for me was getting used to a foreign country and trying to learn a foreign language. I saw that many Romanians speak English, so since I came here I started to learn both Romanian and English. War has taught me I need to change my ways a little. Back home, I was very attached to my house and my work, but that was more or less it. Here I’ve realised I need to start to change something in myself, open up more.

It is very difficult, but it’s important for the children. When we first came here, my little boy was very aloof and clinging to me, only wanted to be with me, never socialising with other children. Gradually, as he participated in meetings with others his age, and with help from the volunteers, he opened up and now I feel that he is adjusting. Our children are having a great time here, and that it was matters most to us

The story of Olyna from Odessa was collected by Ana Maria Ciobanu for the Abandonment Baggage campaign. This project is financed by CARE through the Sera Romania Foundation, Care France, and FONPC.

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