Tatiana, retired, residing in Bucharest since spring (2022)

Bagajele abandonului

“I miss home, I miss Vinnytsia, my hometown, the place where I raised my children and where I have so many beautiful memories. And now I’m away from home, in a different country.

Shortly before the Russians invaded us, Ukraine, I had my birthday party. I invited several friends of mine to a local Georgian restaurant. I love Georgian food.  And their wine! (laughing) It was a wonderful evening, I had no worries at all. I mean, I was watching the news too, but I couldn’t imagine the war would begin. How can you think about war when you’re celebrating your birthday? Also back then, other friends came to visit me. We were sitting outside and chatting when suddenly we have noticed a cat next to us. He just came to say hello. I took a picture of the cat, it’s the last picture I have on my phone from before the war.

Story collected by Ionuț Sociu for the Suitcases of Abandonment campaign. Project funded by CARE through SERA Romania, Care France and FONPC.

Last Day of Peace, First Night of War is an interactive digital installation, part of the Museum of Abandonment, a digital wall of images showing the last days of peace collected from mobile phones.