Donate 3.5% of your income tax

For two years, we have been building the Museum of Abandonment, a project aimed at communicating a social issue, using the museum medium, to recognize and document historical injustices and the traumas experienced by abandoned children in Romania.

By preserving and presenting their stories, the museum contributes to the restoration of historical truth, ensuring that the narratives of these children are publicly acknowledged and integrated into society. We focus on social healing by raising awareness of the consequences of child abandonment.

We are a team of nearly 30 people, who have worked throughout this year. Some have contributed a few hours per week… others, dozens. Of these, 10% were remunerated through obtained funding, the rest was volunteer work. In addition to the team’s working hours, there are the hours of those who have painstakingly crafted their words around their pain, to write and donate their testimonies. The Museum of Abandonment is a museum belonging to the community that built around it even before it existed. It is our museum, of all those who have read or donated stories of abandonment, those who have archived thousands of documents that will form the public archive, filmed, photographed, edited. It exists through the contribution of each of us.

Together, we have managed to build a space for the exhibition and healing of the trauma of abandonment. With your support, we can continue this mission. You can support the Museum of Abandonment by redirecting 3.5% of your income tax to Q-Arts Association, the NGO that founded it.”