The Suitcases of Abandonment

What do you take with you when you have only 10 minutes to go?

The Suitcases of Abandonment is a campaign that talks about the most dramatic moments in an existence, those when external and uncontrollable forces lead you to abandon everything: friends, home, the place where you live or work, the community, the little habits , existence as you know it… and in rush you put in a bag what you think you can save 💼.

Donate your testimonial to the Museum! We would like to receive from you histories of total uprooting abandonments that have marked the history of your own families at Donations of digital objects and stories will be included in the permanent collection of our digital museum.

In the archive of the museum there are already dozens of donated stories of abandonment, hundreds of testimonies and documents that have been integrated into a complex curatorial effort, such as the first immersive exhibition in Romania entitled Sighet Cămin Spital or the Marturii 21 project, which can be explored for free on the museum platform anytime.

Testimonials received will go into the museum’s archive and will be shared with our  Facebook consistent community. Project financed by CARE, coordinated and implemented at the national level by the SERA Romania Foundation with the support of CARE France and FONPC.